Pre Wrap Valet

Full decontamination Valet to include the following procedures:

  • De ionise the wheels
  • De tar the car
  • Snow foam and rinse
  • Wash, clay bar and rinse in pure water Interior 


Post Wrap Valet

Full Post Valet to include the following procedures:

  • Snow foam and rinse
  • Wash and rinse with pure water
  • Towel dry with detailer spray
  • Re-touch interior


Additional Protective Coating Options

Coating Type Price Durability
Hybrid Coating
4 Months
Matte Sealant
4 Months
Ceramic Coating
2 Years

Full Ceramic Coating Valets For Non-wrapped Cars

£300.00 / £350.00

(Size dependant)

All of the above procedures can be combined with a machine polish and sealed with the ceramic coating giving approximately 2 years protection and shine

Maintenance cleans are available through Prestige detailing direct to your door

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